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Do You Really Believe That Automatic Car Wash Will Damage Your Beautiful Car? Nobody wants to be seen riding in a dirty,uncared for car. A car that is clean and looking well maintained will fetch you 10-20% more when you want to resell than one that looks dirty and neglected. Some do-it-yourselfers hell bent on saving money end up doing more harm than good on their cars. You may save a hard earned dollar by washing the car yourself but while at it,make sure to use the right kind of detergent,have with you a sufficient amount of water and use it to wash away all the dirt,and just don’t do the wash under direct sunlight as this results in unsightly burned out areas on the cars’s paint work. Even then,there are people who choose to have their ride cleaned automatically as they feel it does save them precious time and produces results that are better. And then there is the little issue of just how many washes your car should get in a month. It depends on how often the car gets dirty from use. A car that is used once in a week and mostly stays in the garage will require less washing than a car that belongs to a traveling salesman who may drive their car for hours upon dusty country roads. So you now want to drive your car to a drive-through car wash? Have the following considerations in mind when you want to use an automatic wash machine. Ensure to only use automatic wash services that do not use brushes to clean your car as this might cause scratches on your car. Be keen to note how the attendants wipe off the remaining water from your car to ensure they are using clean,soft towels and not dirty rags which may contain sharp dirt or other abrasive elements that may cause scratches.
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You need to know that a new car would just be fine without having to receive that costly rust proofing that the attendants will always try to sell you into. An undercarriage wash has the advantage of removing accumulated crud and will also open up the drain holes down there.
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Good automatic machine car wash owners will usually use heavy-duty cleaners on your tires and wheels to clean out all the dirt which might be quite a chore if you chose to do it yourself. You may be a self employed business person seeking to upgrade to a modern automatic car wash,in which case you need to shop carefully in your town or on the internet for the car wash equipment supplies you need from a dealer who gets his goods from car wash equipment suppliers known for quality and innovation.