I Kept Messing Up My Relationships

I was struggling with my last breakup pretty bad. I could not figure out for the life of me what I was doing wrong. It was my third serious relationship that I thought was going to be taken to the next level. Each of the men broke up with me, and they all told me they did not want to. That made no sense to me, and it hurt to keep hearing that. I finally did an online search for Maidenhead counselling because I knew after weeks of thinking about what went wrong, I was not going to figure it out on my own.

If it had been my first breakup or even my second one, I would just figure that we did not match. This last one though was the most painful. I knew that I needed help to not only get over the absence of the relationship but …

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My Son Got Tackled Hard in Football

When my son went to catch the football at a recent game, he was tackled hard by a few players from the other team. I have seen him get hit this way many times before, but the padding on his uniform plus the fitness of his own body has always protected him. He did not get up from the ground quickly this time though, so I knew that there was a problem. He did not play the rest of the game, but he seemed in good spirits. I figured that chiropractors in San Jose was going to be in our future because if it was a more serious injury he would have already been taken to the hospital.

I had been to San Jose Chiropractic myself after a car accident several years ago, and I knew that they would treat my son just as good as they had treated me.…

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Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

I reached the age of forty and a lot of people told me that your friends would all be in very different stages of life during this big year. I did not realize what they meant until I reached the age. I have friends that are just having their first kids and friends like me that have their one and only child going to college this year. Some use Propecia hair loss products and some also have the same thick head of hair that they did in high school. We were talking about all of the different places people are in life when a few of us got together after high school.…

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