History of the U. N.A.H.
The UNAH, National Union of Hospital Ambulance was born in Nancy October 21, 1989 The 1901 association includes emergency hospital ambulance (SAMU SMUR.) And non-medical hospital ambulance (Intra-Interhospital). Our association is purely corporate and is subservient to no union or party. It is not a union respects the prerogatives of social partners but urges them listening and attention in the context of mutual respect and constant concern for the interests of all hospital ambulance.

The U. N.A.H. aims to recognize the important role of medical transports in the continuity of care. It is a source of proposals and federates hospital ambulance in their various characteristics. It collects information, challenges and innovations observed. It enables the transmission and communication between paramedics. She studied all the data collected in order to ascend to the hierarchy of the proposals.

These main proposals are:

Getting to the hospital ambulance ranking in active service;

Training (CCA) best suited to the reality on the ground: patient handling, ambulance / patient relationship, etc … and really recognized! (See “Training Project”)

Theoretical knowledge and technical skills of ambulance must be periodically updated.

For several years, UNAH sought to draw the attention of public authorities on the aberrations between the articles (91-45 of 14 January 1991) and the reality of our everyday task. Many awareness among political powers were conducted (See “Actions UNAH“)

The National Office has forwarded a file containing a series of proposals to the ministry in 2001. This case, supported by the opinion of two lawyers in economic law and social management, served as a basis for discussion in the negotiations by sectors whose result is published in the OJ of 10 November 2001

He most recently exhibited at the Ministry a proposal for reform of the CCA which the project is published on the site (see Training Project) and pointed out the extreme disparity in the situation of hospital ambulance in France.

For several years now UNAH is partner ARTH (Association of Hospital Managers of Transportation). We work together on all issues affecting our profession.

Times are changing and many officials (Directeurs. ..) find the evolution of our profession: See the preface to Madame Jacqueline Vidal, Deputy Director DEL the C.H.U. Montpellier.

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