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Do You Want to Know the Best Roof Material for Your Beach Home Could you be one of those few lucky souls who own a home by the beach? Regardless of whether you only get to use the house only on weekends or have it as a permanent address,you need to make sure that you have the right roof on. The differing conditions associated with different places determine the kind of roofing materials that will be the most suitable. Areas likely to have occasional forest fires should have homes roofed using fireproof materials. Homes located in very hot areas should have roofs that can reflect light as this keeps the home cool. Humidity,salt and strong winds are normal occurrences in coastal areas where beach houses stand and such elements end up weakening the roofs,forcing the home owner to incur costs in frequent roof replacements. Strong winds can even blow away entire roofs,forcing the home owners to erect new ones urgently. Materials meant for roofing beach homes in such windy areas should be thoroughly tested and proven fit for use under such atmospheric conditions. Oceans send salty air blowing on roofs of beach homes,causing corrosion. Basically,the material that is most suitable for your roof is one that has the strength to outlast strong winds,salt and high moisture levels. Read on to learn about the right material for the roof of that custom beach home that you intend to build.
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Copper is a bit heavy and therefore a good material to use for your beach house. Copper is superior to iron as a roofing choice in coastal climates. Patina,a green protective layer generated when copper reacts with air and moisture helps your roof withstand corrosion. The reason you don’t see much of it on roofs of beach properties is due to its prohibitive cost compared to other choices.
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For those who want a long lasting roof,slate is the most excellent choice. Tiles made from slate are suitably heavy and can remain perfect for 100 years but they can strain your budget. Asphalt is also a great material when planning to do some beach home roofing.Asphalt roofs are also suitable for coastal climates. There are many varieties of good roofing materials for beach homes and this can be quite confusing. If you want to buy or build a home on a beach,say North Myrtle,consult a competent North Myrtle beach roofing expert for advice on all your roofing needs.