Some of us, who exercise alias exercise in the gym, sometimes not so take into account and pay attention to the little things that were important to them. Well, what about any errors that we usually do when exercise?

1. Lack of Rest Time

If you just focus on lifting weights regardless of your rest time, do not expect you to get optimal results. Remember, muscle growth occurs not when the muscles are used on the move, just when the muscles are resting.

2. Do not know the Limits of Body Ability

Challenging yourself must be done, but you must also understand the limits of your body ability. Do not force yourself to lift more weight than your ability because overtraining can harm your own body.

3. Forget Incorporating Foot Exercises in the Exercise Program

Are you too focused on training for upper body? Do not forget the feet as the foundation of your body. Your upper body is important, but if the upper body is beautiful and your feet are small, is it nice to look at?

4. Cannot Live Without Supplements!

Dietary supplements during exercise are important, but do not depend on supplements because the task is simply to support the lack of nutritional needs. In some cases, there are people who do not get excited during exercise when they do not take supplements.

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5. Lack of Cardio Exercise

It is important to remember, cardio is not just for people who are overweight you know! Cardio exercises are important for everyone because their function is to improve cardiac performance that impacts on increasing stamina.

6. Depending on the Machine Tool Fitness Compared to the Manual Tool

Usually this mistake is done by the beginner who eventually culminates in the habit. Though the machine fitness tool makes the movement of muscles so static and not free. If you want to develop muscle, you need to train your muscles as a whole that can be obtained from a manual fitness tool.

7. Unprogrammed Exercises

For those who already use the services of personal trainers, be happy.

But for those who do not use the services of personal trainers, develop programs that can motivate yourself to practice continuously to fruition.

8. Exercise Technique Not True

You need to remember also that fitness is not just lifting weights, but lifting weights also plays a big role. In addition to avoiding injury, you will also understand which muscles you train when doing certain exercises.

9. Too Many Distractions Attention

The place of fitness content is not just a man; sometimes your focus can be shifted from pursuing the ideal body shape to chase the pretty girls. Do not just because of wanting to grab the attention of girls, you so lift a load that is heavier than usual you know!

Well, that’s nine mistakes that are commonly done by guys when exercise. Try sharing with your gym friends who have made similar mistakes so they also do not repeat the same mistake.


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