The Different Options Available to Get a Thicker Head of Hair

Many men, as well as women, are affected by hair loss every year. This can lead to low self esteem and embarrassment for many people. Because of this, those people are always looking for a way to get more hair in the areas that have been affected. Unfortunately, there is no overnight cream or medicine that can regrow hair that has been lost. However, a hair transplant can give people the confidence and the self esteem they once had when they had a full head of hair.

With great advancements in technology, there are now different options to consider when it comes to regrowing hair in certain areas. Such transplants depend on the problem area and financial means. There are different transplants to consider. This includes Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Laser Light Hair Therapy Treatments and a Robotic Transplant. The plasma therapy is not a surgical procedure, but has shown great results for the regrowth of hair. This is done be getting plasma from your blood, it is then put in a machine to get greater concentrations of the platelets. Once that is done, the platelets are injected to the areas experiencing hair loss.

Laser therapy has proven to be very effective in combatting hair loss. This is a customized program to stop the loss of hair, while regrowing areas that have been effected by hair loss already. The lasers stimulate the follicles by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the scalp. The sessions last about 20 minutes and do not involve pain. As stated, the number of sessions needed is determined on an individual basis. Results have shown that everyone that has undergone laser therapy did see an increase in the density of their hair. Over 90% saw an increase in their hair count, as well as adding more strength to the existing hairs.

The final option is the robotic transplant. This is a surgical procedure, but it does not leave a scar, the healing time is minimal and the results are amazing. The technology is able to retrieve one hair follicle at a time. This results in a thick and natural head of hair. The graft’s success rate is greatly increased by using the robotic technology. Treatment plan and cost are specific to each person. This is because hair loss is different for each person.