All tanning experts will agree that pale skin is most challenging to tan. For people with pale skin, sun tanning, or UV tanning is not always a good option as these methods can cause sunburn and dark patches. Spray tanning is the best technique to achieve that natural-looking tan for people with pale skin. Having said that, you need to know how to apply spray tan on pale skin as one wrong step can ruin the entire experience. Since spray tanning on pale skin requires repeated sessions, it’s best to visit spray tan beds near me that offer professional spray tanning services.

Whether you choose to go a tanning expert or try spray tanning at home, preparing your skin is crucial. In this blog, you will find some handy tips on achieving that perfect tan on pale skin at first try.

Tips for spraying tan pale skin 

  • Preparing the skin for the spray is crucial. Before spray tanning, shower well as well as exfoliate your skin thoroughly. You can also scrub the entire body to get rid of the dead skin cells. Once you have removed the dead skin cells from your body, it will become easier for the spray tan solution to set on the skin and penetrate deep.
  • Once you have exfoliated your skin, dry it thoroughly. This will ensure that no moisture is left, which can often ruin the tan.
  • Cover your hands, feet, and hair before a spray tan.
  • Choose a corner at your home where you can perform the process. Bathtub or shower booths are the best places.
  • Start the spray tanning process in sections to ensure even coverage. Start from the bottom and gradually come upwards. While spraying the tan solution, make sure you rub the solution evenly.
  • To apply spray tan on your face, place the spray tan applicator at-least 12-inch away from the front. However, don’t rub the spray tan solution on your face.
  • After completing the facial tan, move on to tanning the feet. Remove the socks and apply an even layer of the tan solution. You can gently rub the solution to make an even coating of the tan solution.
  • Now, it’s time to tan your hands. Remove the gloves and make a claw of your hand. Spray the tan solution and let it set on your skin.
  • Let the spray tan solution dry naturally over-night. Take a shower the next day to rinse off the solution. However, be mindful not to scrub your skin too hard. 
  • When it comes to spraying methods, the “S” spraying method is the best. You can spray the tan solution in the “S” shaped direction to cover the skin evenly. Tan your hands, face, and feet, by spraying a fine mist of the solution.
  • The applicator or equipment you use will also affect the final result of your tan. When choosing an applicator, make sure it comes with a spray nozzle. For better control and flow of the solution, go for an adjustable nozzle.

If all these seem too much for you, head to your closest tanning booth and enjoy a pro tanning session.