Adult teeth are not designed to last forever.  By the time you near your 40s or 50s, you may start to lose some of your teeth through no fault of your own.  The ones that remain may become fragile and prone to breaking and cracking because of thinning enamel.
Rather than put up with a smile that is full of missing and broken teeth, you may want to restore with crowns, bridges, and implants.  By making an appointment with a primary care dentist, orthodontist, or prosthodontist Wheeling IL residents like you can find out what treatment options you have to restore both your smile and your confidence.

Learning More about the Procedures
Like any branch of dentistry, prosthodentistry involves procedures that may involve the use of sedation, anesthesia, and other medications.  Because of the use of medications, it requires patients to be fully aware of what is going on during the treatment and to be in good health in order to withstand and recover from it.
You can make sure you are a good candidate for procedures like crowns, implants, and bridges by reading more about them on the website.  You can find out what health conditions might require special care be taken during your dental care.  You can also learn about how long it takes to recover once you are sent home from the provider’s office.
Why Undergo Treatment?
You may wonder as well why you should seek this type of dental care.  Your smile says a lot about how confident you are in yourself.  When your teeth are in good condition, you are more likely to smile broadly and look people directly in the eyes.  You may feel more capable and eager to join in life.
Broken and missing teeth can take away this confidence.  You can regain your eagerness for life by undergoing dental care that will repair or replace these teeth.  Your dentist can come up with the ideal treatment plan based on your healthcare and dental needs.  You can get started today by making an appointment at your nearest office or by calling the dentist.