Promotional merchandise is one thing that is quite powerful when used in promotional activities. Because by distributing advertisements, such as distributing brochures, it is certainly not enough to easily attract the hearts of customers or consumers. For this reason, merchandise is not same with gift from hong kong gift ideas, merchandise provided which of course can attract customers or consumers more easily. Not only that, the use of merchandise in promotional activities can also provide many other benefits, what do you want to know? Here’s the explanation:

1. Attract consumers’ attention

As mentioned in the section above, promotions that are only carried out with advertising media are certainly not enough to make customers feel interested. That’s why merchandise is made which of course can attract customers’ interest more easily, because customers feel they have benefited from it.

2. Get to know more closely

Of course, a product or even a service cannot be recognized by the wider community more easily, especially if its promotional activities are not carried out creatively. For this reason, merchandise is used which of course can make promotional activities easier, and feels close.

3. Give a positive impression

In addition to the two benefits above, merchandise can also give a more positive impression to its consumers, even giving merchandise is also useful to increase consumer confidence in the company more easily.

4. Increase the number of sales

The next benefit that is quite a lot felt by the company from the presence of merchandise is the number of sales or turnover it has which also increases. That’s why it’s not uncommon for companies to deliberately issue various promotional activities including distributing coffee shop merchandise for free so that other people can also buy products or even use more of their services.

Those are the 4 benefits of using promotional merchandise issued by the company.