5 Benefits of Using a Facial Serum Many People Don’t Know
5 Benefits of Using a Facial Serum Many People Don’t Know

Olive Skin Serum products are one of Serum Products Australia from Botani Shop such as Vitamin E Moisture Serum which can also be an option for you, so that the moisture and health of facial skin is always maintained. Like the body, the face also needs nutrients. But a little different, the face needs it in small amounts and is generally found in the form of a facial serum.

What is this serum actually? According to various beauty experts, this facial serum is a small bottle of an ingredient with active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and also antioxidants in the form of gels or lotions that can be applied to the face, such as skin moisturizers.

Benefits of using facial serum from Botani

So, what are the benefits of facial serum for human beauty and health? Here are some facial serum functions that are rarely known to many people.

Moisturizes facial skin

The first benefit of facial serum is to moisturize the skin. As we know, the serum for this face contains antioxidants which can restore skin moisture.

One product from Botany that is recommended for you is Vitamin E Moisture Serum, which is equipped with proactive Vitamin E and wheat oil which serves to moisturize the skin. Regular use of this serum can protect you throughout the day. Find out more here.

Prevent the bad effects of pollution and sunlight

For those of you who often do outdoor activities, the use of facial serum is highly recommended. The benefits of other facial serums are known to prevent the bad effects of pollution and also the sunlight that hits you every day. Just use this serum before leaving the room, so you don’t have to worry about free pollution which is currently quite difficult to avoid.

Reducing excess oil

The use of facial serum in people with oily skin is also known to be very suitable. Because this serum is basically formulated for faces without extra oil which can generally be found in moisturizers. Therefore, one of the benefits of facial serum is to reduce the excess oil on the face. So, you don’t need to worry about excess oil on the skin and can focus on disguising black spots and other facial problems that are often associated with oily skin.

Even so, that does not mean you who do not have problems with oily skin can not use this serum. Vitamin E Moisture Serum from Botany is one example of a product that is suitable for all skin types because it contains honey and vitamin E Ethiopia which can keep the skin from drying out.
Prevent premature aging

Early aging is generally caused by UV light which often causes wrinkles prematurely. These wrinkles are the main signs of premature aging. Well, the function of facial serum here is to prevent aging before that time, because the content in it can nourish the face after being exposed to UV light from the sun.

Disguise black spots on the face

Dark spots on the face are generally caused by exposure to sunlight on the skin every day. Antioxidants in vitamin E in facial serum can overcome this, by reducing sun damage and free radicals that you face every day.
Therefore, the benefits of facial serum above cannot be considered playful. You can get facial serum properties with regular use. But keep in mind, if your skin is dry enough, the use of serum followed by a moisturizer is highly recommended.