If you like to spend too much time in the bathroom, you are not alone. Also, to be the place that is needed by the body daily activity and a room to cleanse ourselves, we like to do other activities such as reading books or listening to music while soaking after a busy full day. Therefore, it is not surprising that a comfortable bathroom is a dream for many people.

The question is, is the bathroom beautiful & comfortable depending on the area and size? False! Here are 6 inspiring renovations to make a small bathroom look beautiful & comfortable.

1. Choose Neutral Paint Color

The concept of patterned paint on small bathroom wall tiles will risk making the room seem very closed and cramped. Neutral colors can be a good choice to make a narrow bathroom look wider, and make it easier for you to feel comfortable, without any distraction from the surrounding style.

2. Magic Touch built-in Furniture

The most effective tips for saving time, as well as free from complicated loading-ups. Built-in, furniture that is made based on personal orders to vendors, usually maximizing the capacity of the room. No need to bother to guess the size of the furniture to fit it. Also, in terms of aesthetics, built-in-furniture usually looks more beautiful because it is easily adapted to other aspects of the room, such as the color or ceramics used.

3. Use the Same Patterned Floor TilesĀ 

By using the same colored and patterned floor tiles throughout the room, a small bathroom will look more spacious. Conversely, if a small bathroom has different tiles, between the area around the sink and bathtub, for example, the room will look partition and much narrower.

4. Switch to Sliding Door

One of the occasions where we feel the bathroom is narrow is when the door open because some of the room sides, even if only a little, become covered or blocked. Sliding doors can be a good solution for this. In addition to making the bathroom look more spacious, the sliding door is also an instant way to make the bathroom seem more elegant.

5. Choose Partitions Made of Glass / Transparent

You might consider switching to a glass-based partition to make the bathroom look more spacious. Besides, transparent plastic-based partitions can be a good alternative. The big idea is to keep the partitions as transparent as possible so the room doesn’t seem narrow.

6. Expand the glass elements

Glass has the power to increase the visibility of the room to be wider. With a large mirror, the room will seem wider than it should be. With notes, make sure you always keep it clean because glass is one of the easiest materials to stick with dirt on. Don’t let drops of shampoo and toothpaste make an impression on your bathroom mirror!