If you suffered an injury of some kind and you lost a tooth, then you need to do something about it. If you lеаve the problem like that, then you’ll just need to adjust to living without the missing one.

Losing a tooth draws lots of other issues. Some might think that it’s just one of the many, but it’s very different living without it. See more on this subject here.

Luckily for everyone, there’s a solution to this problem. It is called, installing a dental implant. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are inserted in the place where the missing one leaves an empty place. There are more positive sides to this action. Read on if you want to know what the most important ones are!

1. Ability to eat properly again

An empty spot means food will certainly get inside and might be stuck inside. However, that’s not something you can’t fix with a toothbrush. What is more problematic is that you can’t chew your food like you used to.

Having an implant will provide the ability to make the full pressure like you’re used to doing. Missing two or more teeth can really make your eating uncomfortable, especially with particular foods, like meat.

2. Great looks

A smile without a full pack of teeth is not complete. You’ll always feel ashamed or uncomfortable when you’re smiling. That’s why it’s best to choose dental implants and make your jaw complete again. You’re going to look perfect again and your confidence will be maximal again.

3. Feeling of having a full jaw

It’s not the same to have a feeling of a jaw that is falling apart and having the feeling of everything being in place. A lot of people lose teeth as they grow older, and this affects their confidence and feeling of joy in their life. A small procedure like inserting new implants that will replace the missing teeth can be a turning point in their lives.

4. You get a new tooth for the rest of your life

Back in the day, losing a tooth meant it’s over with it. When you lose it once, you can’t get it back. Now, technology gave us the chance to replace all teeth and make us feel like nothing happened.

In other words, when you once install an implant, you can be sure that it will be there forever. The materials used are providing a chance for us to feel perfect again.

5. Prevents bone loss

If you don’t press the bone in the jaw regularly, it will stand losing its strength. Whenever a person loses a tooth, the bone loss is an inevitable process. For the bone to be strong and healthy it needs constant pressure that simply comes from chewing food. If this pressure isn’t happening, then you can be sure that the bones inside will slowly start fading away. Learn more about it here: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/patientinstructions/000506.htm.

6. You get a normal speech again

Have you noticed how hard it is to say particular words and letters without using your full mouth? All words require using your teeth, lips, and tongue. Without just a single tooth, particular words will be impossible to pronounce properly.

With the implants, you’re going to have the full jaw again and every word can be pronounced perfectly. Especially if we’re talking about some of the front ones that are crucial, then you can be sure that it will be impossible to speak freely and normally. 

7. They require almost no maintenance

Dental implants are artificial teeth. They are not made of the same materials but are providing the same function. They require no special maintenance. Food won’t make them rot like it can do it to our regular teeth.

However, flossing and brushing is something you’ll continue doing to provide the shine of your teeth and maintain the rest of the healthy ones. With the regular brushing, you’ll handle the cleaning of the implants too.


These 7 points tell you why getting an implant is a smart thing to do. It is one of the best investments you can do in your life. Getting a new tooth can ultimately be a game-changer since you get so many benefits from it.