Talking of marijuana, it’s not impossible that your mind goes directly to one of the sources of narcotics that supposedly need to be avoided. It is true that the substance content of narcotics in the seeds of marijuana is often abused by the wearer to get euphoria: a prolonged pleasure for no reason. However, in reality, marijuana is not necessarily related to the negative effects.
As experienced by Fidelis Arie Sudartowo, a husband who uses cannabis for the treatment and healing of his beloved wife. Unfortunately, he was still arrested for it. To know how the true story, just see below.
The story comes from Sanggau, West Kalimantan, where a husband grows marijuana in his own home for the treatment of his wife
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Fidelis Ari Sudarwoto, the husband of Yeni Riawati can be said to have done a pretty reckless struggle. He planted marijuana in his own home for the treatment of his wife who was then suffering from a rare disease, Syringomyelia; a cyst growing disease in the spinal cord. The motive for planting banned crops in Indonesia is not a commercial case, but for its own use as an alternative treatment after various medical efforts and the help of smart people does not work.
Father of two children is desperate to do so after reading various articles about cannabis extract that successfully cure the disease abroad.
Hopefully all the legal processes that are running show a bright spot for Fideril family. In addition, hopefully there is a lot of fortitude that overshadows his family. Let’s take the business and the positive value only.