Donation and Surrogacy infertility treatment can be an indivisible set of measurements in case of severe problems with the reproductive system. 

Medical Center ADONIS Family provides the widest range of Programs that help to overcome infertility, including Sperm/Egg Donation and Surrogacy.

For more than 23 years ADONIS Medical Group of Companies have given the opportunity for people from the whole world to feel the happiness of parenting and reach the best health state. Only individual approach and qualitative medical measurements – are the main basis of ADONIS success. 

ADONIS Surrogacy treatment 

ADONIS Family specializing only on Gestational Surrogacy processes, which are totally approved and legal according to the Ukrainian legislation. 

Gestational Surrogacy includes the following requirements:

  • Medical indication to experience the Surrogacy Program (from the side of experience ADONIS specialist which examines sever infertility with inability to conceive naturally)
  • Obligatory genetic connection between the Intended parents and the child (it is possible to have genetic relation with one of the spouse and to experience donation)
  • Obligatory absence of genetic connection between the Surrogate and the child (the Surrogate mother is only the carrier of the baby during the pregnancy period)
  • The whole package of notarized documents for Surrogate treatment process (ADONIS own Legal Department will help with all documentation required for the start, and it will be your best supporter till the end of the Program)

ADONIS Sperm/Egg donation & Surrogacy center

Some cases require oocytes or sperm donation to reach a successful pregnancy. That’s because ADONIS Family provides its own Donor bank for the total comfort and safety of our patients. 

ADONIS ‘own Donor base is provided with the highest quality genetic material which is always under the control of the specialists. 

ADONIS own Donor base means:

  • Exceptional quality – multiple stages of donor selection include examination and verification on ADONIS own base, heredity review, purification and approval before enrollment to the whole basis.
  • High level safety we select the most appropriate donor for the patient according to each specific case, requirements, appearance/nationality/physical aspects wishes. The highest quality genetic material is the key for the safety of Intended parents, Surrogate and the baby, of course.
  • All-round comfort ADONIS ‘own technological basis is located in one place which provides additional comfort and confidence for our patients. The Surrogate process will not be stopped or interrupted – we provide the donor genetic material without delays. 
  • Better chances for success when we use exceptional quality donor material of totally healthy donors, the success of the Surrogate Program is the highest one. As a result, the Intended parents have a healthy born child and a happy family.

ADONIS Sperm/Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center is the worldwide standards which are impeccably followed. Our medical help is the chance for many people from the whole world to reach the main dream – a healthy baby and parental happiness. 

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