If you are dealing with anxiety or depression, chiropractic care can be a big help. Generally speaking, it involves a body-mind approach that favors adjusting the physical symptom in order to help improve mental health. Chiropractors are well-equipped to take holistic approaches to mental health, looking at every possible way to make people feel better.

According to new studies, this method is an effective way to relieve certain symptoms of mental health. For a lot of people, it can be an affordable and natural care option for improving the quality of life for patients suffering from depression or anxiety. Let us take a closer look at how chiropractic care is a proven way to help people with depression and anxiety.

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Symptoms of depression and anxiety

At least 40 million people in the United States are facing mental illness every year. While the most common disorder among Americans is anxiety, according to studies, depression is the leading cause of disability all over the world. Symptoms are unique to every patient, but common physical signs of these problems include:

  • Inability to relax
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Stiffness and muscle tension
  • Inability to sleep or fatigue
  • Pains and aches throughout the body

These symptoms can aggravate mental symptoms and make depression and anxiety harder to live with. The good news is, chiropractic care is positioned to help relieve the symptoms mentioned above. Let us take a closer look at how these types of care can help patients with these kinds of disorders.

Aims for a body-mind approach

In general, this type of care aims to find the perfect balance between the mind and body. Chiropractors will do this by checking all health areas, including diet and supplements, exercise, therapies, and adjustments. When it comes to this kind of management, no stones go unturned. Even a tiny change, like incorporating omega-3 supplements in the patient’s diet, may have a significant positive impact on symptoms.

Lowers blood pressure

Some studies suggest that massage therapy and chiropractic care can help reduce stress and blood pressure. High blood pressure is a prevalent symptom of stress. Experts found that blood pressure is dramatically reduced after both massage therapy and chiropractic sessions.

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Another study shows that after only 15 minutes of massage therapy, there has been a significant positive result in the body. It shows that this type of management reduces stress symptoms, and can help patients with their mental health problems feel more stable or manageable.

It promotes an all-natural answer to the problem without any side effects

One of the most common and best benefits of chiropractic management is that it is all-natural. People taking depression and stress medication usually complain about its side effects that include fatigue, weight gain, nausea, and insomnia.

This management works to help reduce stress, so patients can potentially avoid taking any type of medication and deal with its side effects. Always remember that you cannot change or stop medication without the approval of the physician.

Adjust the spine to trigger helpful or positive hormones

The health of our spine can influence every region of the body. According to studies, after getting an adjustment, the body triggers a sudden increase in hormones like Cortisol, Oxytocin, and Neurotensin. These hormones are involved in neurological functioning like:

  • Neurotensin – neutralizes or eliminate stress-induced pain
  • Oxytocin – boost the communication between neurons and promote the feelings of social bonding
  • Cortisol – It blocks pain that originates from an inflammation

As you can imagine, adjustment of the spine can have a significant positive effect by triggering these three hormones all over our body.

Help people go to sleep

Insomnia is one of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. With chiro management from reputable professionals like Alpine Chiropractic, patients may find getting a good night sleep a lot easier. Studies show that some chiro manipulation can help improve patient’s sleep patterns.

Massage therapy can also provide excellent results. Not only that, but patients who have breast cancer also found significant relief from insomnia after a couple of massage therapy sessions. Suppose a patient struggles with insomnia and fatigue, chiro care, or massage therapy can be a big help.

Overall, chiropractic management can have a good impact on the mental health of patients. Besides proven studies, there have been a lot of anecdotal case studies about its role in depression and anxiety. Preliminary reports suggest that there are more benefits to this type of management of mental health symptoms.