Are you looking for an amber necklace? You are on the right site because here we will discuss a little about amber necklaces, along with the selling prices on the market. An amber teething necklace is a necklace made specifically for babies who will have teeth or will grow teeth.
Amber necklace is created so that the baby is not fussy because of the natural growth of teeth, the amber granules found it will give special effects that will absorb the baby’s skin so that the baby will not continue to feel pain when the teeth will grow.
Many parents use amber necklaces for their babies because it is very safe and very practical when used. According to the doctor’s research, it is also not dangerous to use amber necklaces, the important thing is to be kept guarded and keep watching, fear that the necklace can be pulled – pull the baby and can choke the baby.
Sometimes many people wonder, why amber made a necklace can relieve pain in a baby when experiencing tooth growth? The answer is that amber has succinic acid content, which is also in the human body, indirectly the succinic acid content in amber will enter the human body if it is attached to the skin.
This is what causes the baby who is feeling pain in the gums when the gum growth decreases and causes the baby to not easily fuss or cry. Well, for those of you mothers who are having a baby who is experiencing the process of dental growth, give your baby an amber necklace so that your baby doesn’t easily fuss or cry.
For mothers who are still confused, where to buy amber necklaces? just relax here we will also give you a place that sells amber. Amber necklace is usually sold at certain pharmacies, other than that amber is also sold online through the internet.
But it should be noted when buying amber necklaces because now many fake amber necklaces are sold on the market. The characteristics of the original amber necklace are:
1. Having a distinctive color, reddish yellow, sometimes there are animals in it.
2. Contains aetherisch oil
3. The hard value is 2
4. If amber is heated it will be soft
5. Amber if soaked in water or alcohol will not be destroyed
6. Amber usually has insect and plant inclusions
That was the original a characteristic of amber or amber necklace. Regarding the price of an amber necklace, the price is usually the price is determined based on the size of the amber or the size.