If you are someone who doesn’t know anything on BetterHelp, you’ve clicked on the right post. BetterHelp was founded in the year 2013 and since then they became the leaders of online therapy. This organization boasts of having more than 2000 US-based licensed professionals who are certified in different areas. But if you thought that the popularity of BetterHelp was decided by its sheer size, you were wrong. There must be some valid reason behind 1,000,000 people using their platform for seeking counseling assistance. They are superior because of their usability and personalization. The best part about them is that they charge about $45/week which is indeed cheap.
A little bit on the profile of the company
As mentioned earlier, BetterHelp started off in 2013 and within just 2 years post experiencing rapid growth, their company was bought by Teladoc which is revered to be the biggest telehealth provider in the nation. Along with their assistance, BetterHelp has been successful in focusing on making their platform one of the best in the entire nation. They kept on leveraging different technology in order to meet the consumer’s expectations.
What is the process of signing p with BetterHelp?
If your main concern is usability, then you shouldn’t look any further. BetterHelp has been designed to be one of the most intuitive platforms. The starters have to sign up with them in order to create an account. No, you don’t require using your real name or other credentials. Once you register with them, you’ll require filling a questionnaire which will be given to you in a format of multiple questions.
Then BetterHelp will pair you along with the best therapist in accordance with your answers and most customers are satisfied with the algorithm with which it is paired. Then you will be taken to a live chatroom where you will talk with your counselor.
What’s the price charged by BetterHelp?
By now, the licensed therapists throughout the nation will have heard about the massive success of BetterHelp. Nevertheless, it is seen that Betterhelp is one of the cheapest online counseling services on the market. Plans start off within a range of $35 in a week and then they reach up to $55 in a week.
Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the services offered by BetterHelp and how you should sign up with them, what are you waiting for? Make sure you do the needful and start receiving expert counseling help from them.