If you’re into the world of the LGBTQ community or aware of the health issues of patients suffering from AIDS, then you surely know the name of Gail Barouh. The famous activist got officially retired but is now committing herself to the cause by defending the rights of this marginalized group.

Who is Gail Barough?

Dr Gail Barouh is a founder and long-time CEO of the LIAAC organization that offered and provided help for tens of thousands of people in the area of Long Island. Her mission and the mission of LIAAC is to accept differences and teach people who to act in the society even though they suffer from an incurable and sexually transmittable disease.

She started the work of the organization back in 1986 and she served as the main person there until 2017 when she officially retired. That’s full 30+ years. Amazing, huh? During this time she wrote three books, made a lot of friends and connections and today she continues her work as an advocate defending the right of LGBTQ people.

Who did she help over the years?

Dr. Barouh was a part of so many organizations and a key part of saving thousands. She was a part of the board of Nassau County Health and Welfare Council and the Suffolk HIC Commission. Not to mention hundreds of TV and radio appearances where she talked about the acceptance of the group.

Her work didn’t stay unrecognized. In 1995 she accepted the award “Person of the Year” that was given to her by the Long Island Crisis Center. This is the proof that was needed to recognize her good deed. After so many years, so many projects and so many people touched, her career goes into a different direction now – law.

What will she now do?

Seeing how AIDS and sexually bullied people are treated, she decided to dedicate her work in the field of legal representation especially for those of the LGBTQ community. And where else would she be better? This is the field she practiced for decades and the field in which most of the issues were driven and solved by her. Learn more about the LGBTQ community on this link.

People with problems in the areas of sexual and gender harassment, sexual bullying and cyberbullying, these are all under the umbrella of dr. Gail.

Who can benefit from this?

Imagine that you’re in school but your appearance is not what some students would find acceptable. They start teasing you for the clothes you have or the hairstyle you made. They’re trying to make you feel devastated for who you are.

This is a situation in which Dr. Gail can help. Her expertise is situations in which one party is being treated disrespectfully. If this is done on sexual grounds, then Gail Barouh is the best person.

When going to court for problems like this, it’s very important to have people on your side that are well known in the field. For example, it’s important to have a key witness who’ll understand what bullying on the sexual ground is and will explain that the first party suffered serious psychological traumas. This is not a lie, everyone deserves a happy life that they’ll live just how they want.

What is a better choice than miss Barouh? She’s a total authority in the field of endangered groups and she’s can always call on her experience and research for some matter. Having in mind that she wrote 3 books on the subject, you can say that she’s a never-ending source for examples that can be used for winning your case.



D-r Gail Barouh is the best example of how people can work their whole life in one field and then turn to something similar after their retirement. Going to retirement doesn’t mean life is over. It often means that it is just starting now. See an article on retirement and working after it here:

This is clearly the case with her. She spent her whole life taking care of the HIV infected group, and now she continues spreading her knowledge and experience by helping people that are most affected by this.