According to Dr Richard Nahas, toenail fungus is quite dangerous since it can spread very quickly if ignored. Catching toenail fungus infection is also very easy with warm and sweaty feet being their breeding ground. Let’s check out a few ways of keeping toenail fungus at bay.

The Explanation

1. Clip your toenails the right way – Cutting your toenails is very different compared to cutting your fingernails. You have less control and mistakes are easier to make. That’s why a lot of people cut their toenails improperly. However, improperly cut toenails may invite toenail fungus and allow it to infect your nails. Make sure to sanitize your toenail clipper or scissors and cut them straight across to minimize fungus invasion. You can also use a sanitized nail file at the end to unsharpen the edges.

2. Wear properly fitted shoes – The interior of your shoe should always be at least half an inch away from your toenails and never touch them. That’s why it’s important to wear properly fitted shoes. If your shoes are too big, it allows more room for the sweat and moisture to build up and invite toenail fungus. You’re also likely to trip more often while walking. On the other hand, tight-fitting shoes may make your nails more prone to damage and increase the risk of fungal infection. Whether you’re buying online or from a local retailer, try out your shoes before buying them and don’t settle for anything less than the proper fit. 

3. Alternate your shoes – If you did a sweaty workout in a pair of shoes, avoid wearing the same pair the next day. Sweat and warmth are perfect for toenail fungus to multiply and increase the risk of infection. Instead, you need to invest in at least three pairs of shoes and rotate them. Don’t wear the same pair on two consecutive days and air them out between wearings. After you return home, put the shoes upright in an airy place and spray some sanitizer if necessary.

4. Wear breathable shoes – If more air is able to circulate around your feet, the dryer stays. Drier feet and toenails are less susceptible to fungal infection. That’s why you should always buy shoes made from breathable fabric.

5. Don’t go barefoot in public areas and disinfect your toenails – Locker rooms, public showers and public pools are full of filth and loaded with germs and fungi from other people and other environments. No matter how clean it looks, if you are more susceptible to toenail fungus, you should stay away from those places. It’s also important to disinfect your feet and toenails properly every day after you return home.      


Dr Richard Nahas suggests that you use the above-mentioned methods and try to keep your feet as sanitized as possible to avoid toenail fungus. As you are, you are at a higher risk of toenail fungus. The fungus is especially problematic since it is difficult to treat.