Go The Herbal Way For Better Skin
Go The Herbal Way For Better Skin

Herbal body lotions are gaining converts every day. As more people become aware of how delicate the skin is cosmetics with natural ingredients are gaining supporters by the droves.

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is our sheath of armor against pollutants and other environmental threats. We have the duty to take care and ensure the health of our skin. After all, it also helps make a good social impression for the people we meet everyday.

Proper skin care is not vanity. There is an important reason why we need to discriminate between products that are good and bad for our skin. Just imagine any product we apply on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. If the products we use contain dangerous chemicals, those chemicals will be absorbed into our bodies and wreak havoc.

Go The Herbal Way For Better Skin

Why use herbal body lotions

Cosmetics made from natural ingredients do not contain such harmful ingredients. Herbal body lotions contain plant-based essential oils that are safe and beneficial to the skin. You never have to worry about what is being absorbed by your skin with herbal body lotions.

Jojoba, olive oil, almond oil, aloe and shea butter are the most common base ingredients of herbal body lotions. These ingredients have been used since ancient civilizations for medical and cosmetic preparations. They are highly moisturizing and 100{98fb4bf09eaa45a12be049e9b912c2b8e14853fbaec93f03ba25c1f88cf4bcba} natural.

Regular application of lotions with these ingredients helps keep your skin soft and healthy. Instead of causing irritations, herbal body lotions relieve them. Aloe, shea butter and olive oil are known for their soothing properties against skin irritations.

Although herbal cosmetics are made for natural ingredients, they tend to be more expensive. Remember Economics 101? Natural resources are limited but human needs and wants are infinite. The only way our resources could cope with our demand was through innovation.

Synthetic ingredients were developed to cope with demand. They can be produced quickly in bulk at a low cost. Compared to herbal cosmetics, commercially prepared products can be sold at cheaper prices because its materials are cheaper and its production process is more efficient.

Shelf-life is another issue with natural cosmetics. All natural means they do not have preservatives. Expect their shelf-life to be significantly shorter compared to commercial cosmetics that have shelf lives of at least 6 months to years.

Do-it-yourself herbal cosmetics

The good news is natural cosmetics can be prepared in your homes. Books, magazines and the internet are your best avenue for recipes of natural cosmetics. Make your own soaps, lotions, and even lipstick! The ingredients you need are mostly food and household items you can buy from the any supermarket or pharmacy. You can remedy the short shelf-life by producing small quantities. In a way the short shelf-life works to your advantage; you know that what you are using is always fresh.

Natural or herbal cosmetics are your skin’s best friend. They are gentle yet effective when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and young-looking. It is never too late to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Start your daily habit of herbal body lotion and other all natural cosmetic products now and experience the natural high.