I reached the age of forty and a lot of people told me that your friends would all be in very different stages of life during this big year. I did not realize what they meant until I reached the age. I have friends that are just having their first kids and friends like me that have their one and only child going to college this year. Some use Propecia hair loss products and some also have the same thick head of hair that they did in high school. We were talking about all of the different places people are in life when a few of us got together after high school. I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page when I asked them if they thought it was weird how life has worked out for so many of us. Some of our friends from high school are also dead, they died of different drug overdoses.

I always think that it is really strange when a person from our high school class dies. It makes you think that it is so easy to just not be here the next day. What have I done in my life so that people will remember for? It makes you think about taking every single day and just literally living like you may not be here the next day. It is really easy to think of what will become of you and your loved ones when you pass on when you have friends your age starting to die and it is really scary. The older we get, the shorter time is for us in this lifetime but just be glad for all of the things that you get to experience every single day. I am so glad to live in the now.