Singapore has got a quite high youth population, 600,000 (approximately) as estimated last year. With such youngsters in the country, the country can achieve a lot in the near future. Education and health are important for the welfare of the youth, but what about their mental health? Youth counselling in Singapore has advanced through many years. From awareness to treatment regarding mental health disorders are now being reported. But, there is a lot of ignorance prevailing in the country. This is high time for a change.

Below it’s discussed how counseling helps in shaping the future of the country.

Choose Their Career

After high school, a student sometimes fails to choose a suitable career option. Peer pressure and wrong advice are the reason for such. Career counseling is one of the key components of youth counselling in singapore. It analyzes the knack of the individual towards a specific field. The person’s Interest and ability are also determined. This helps the student to excel in that particular field. Also, it encourages the youth to choose sports as their career option. This counseling practice should be made compulsory for all the students of Singapore.

Deal With Challenges

Challenges are a part of life. It makes one either excel or depressed. Counseling sessions for youth can help one overcome the challenges of life. Youth counselling in Singapore focuses on opening up the youth to their therapist. Therapists help them to manage their stress, anxiety, and anger issues. This further benefits to cope up with the challenges incoming and bring the best out of them. It helps them to brainstorm and explore new ideas. New inventions and discoveries are a part of it. It helps the country to become more developed and receive appreciation from worldwide.

Reduces Narcotic Abuse

Illegal use of narcotics by the youth prevails in every country. Peer influence plays a pivotal role in it. Opium, heroin, and codeine are some of the common narcotics that youths consume. Proper counseling of youth can make them aware of the hazardous damage it causes to the body. It can make them get rid of the addiction and lead a healthy and normal life. Youth counselling in Singapore pays significant attention to such cases. Also, consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes are quite common in the youth. Counseling tends to make them understand to get rid of these habits. This helps in shaping the future of the country and makes it healthy and stable.

Prevents Suicide

Suicide in youth has become a very serious issue for the country. The leading cause of this is acute depression and anxiety. Bullying in schools indirectly is the major cause of it. Seeking a counselor’s help from the early stage can help one deal with life better. It helps one to get rid of suicidal thoughts and saves one’s life. youth counselling in singapore is very much concerned regarding suicide cases. After all without youths, the country’s future will be doom. So saving each life is crucial.

So these are some of the main reasons why youth counseling is important. Choosing the right career path ensures the country doesn’t lag behind and excel in development. It helps one to deal with the hurdles and challenges of life and society, bringing new ideas and inventions. Drug abuse cannot be eradicated in a single day. But if the youths of the country resist the same, then the country can easily eradicate such abuses. Counseling is essential in preventing suicides in youth. It helps them to deal with various mental disorders and seek help when needed.