How BCAA Supplements are Beneficial for Women
How BCAA Supplements are Beneficial for Women

Branched-chain amino acids are a group of three essential amino acids: Isoleucine, leucine and valine. Your body can’t produce them, which is why you need to ingest them. They can be found in protein-rich foods such as milk, lentils, whole wheat, almonds, nuts, cashews, chickpeas, eggs, meat and more. It also comes in the pills and powder form.

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BCAA’s plays a major role in energy production during workout or exercise. Moreover, regulates blood sugar levels, improve fat loss, fight disease, boost recovery and improve lifespan.

Why women should take BCAA supplements

BCAA supplements are the best ways to enhance women’s overall fitness. If you are someone with a high-protein diet, then you probably do not need them. Women who don’t get enough protein from their diet or are working out and still can’t notice any visible changes may need BCAAs. On women, BCAAs helps in fat loss, reduce fatigue, prevent muscle breakdown and speed up recovery rate after training.

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Proven Benefits Of BCAAs On Women

Women who are working hard to get that toned body and build strength, BCAAs can positively impact their training and recovery process. A number of studies and research has proven the benefits of taking BCAAs. Here is the list of benefits of BCAAs on women.

1. Promote Fat Loss in Women

BCAA supplements are effective in reducing food cravings, provide complete nutrition and support weight loss. It also preserves your lean muscles when you are dieting. According to some studies and research people consuming 12g BCAA per day have 30{35d957b05c72c0966a35285c5563331da4031a80ba3d63cb875e2b9dff81b177} higher chances of getting obese as compared to the one who consumes 15g BCAA per day and also has better body composition, muscle buildup and lower fat.

2. BCAAs increase muscle mass in women

BCAAs are essential compounds that prevent muscle breakdown. BCAA supplementation is mostly used to increase muscle mass. This claim is backed by research done in 2006, which proves that BCAAs increase enzymes that are responsible for building lean muscle mass. Specifically, according to a study all the BCAAs, leucine result in the increase in muscle growth and increase in protein synthesis. Therefore, BCAA supplements high in leucine leads to higher levels of overall muscle building.

3. Reduce Anorexia in Women

Taking BCAAs is believed to reduce anorexia in women and improve nutrition in undernourished and older people. Anorexia is an eating disorder in which people obsess about their weight and what they eat. They may also exercise a lot to get rid of the food eaten.

4. Reduce Muscle Soreness in Women

Consuming BCAA before and after rigorous training helps in the reduction of muscle soreness. As it lowers the blood level of two enzymes lactate dehydrogenase and creatine kinase, which is involved in the process of muscle damage.

According to a study, muscle soreness level increased as much as 30{35d957b05c72c0966a35285c5563331da4031a80ba3d63cb875e2b9dff81b177}, higher than those who consumed BCAA supplements.

Consuming BCAA offers many health benefits and can be so beneficial when consumed with regular exercise. It is very important to add BCAAs or protein-rich foods in your diet. Supplementation is necessary for those with insufficient protein intake.

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