One of the worst drugs out there is probably heroin. This one is most often being injected in the veins and has a powerful feeling that leaves no one indifferent. That’s why people who struggle with it have a hard time quitting.

Everyone who might be in this trouble should be aiming towards healthy living and finding a way to get the problem over with. They need to make changes in their lives and completely quit taking heroin. However, this is not as easy as it may sound to some. It’s one challenging task that needs total dedication and a lot of overview from professionals while going through the process.

Most people who were or are addicts that are hooked on heroin have extreme trouble quitting. The absence of the drug in their bodies creates a serious mental issue that leaves no one indifferent. The problem is that the psychological effects done by this drug are so deep that it’s impossible to control your mind.

What are the symptoms of heroin addiction?

Only one injection of this substance turns your mind into a raging bull. It races so fast that their imagination is going wild. After that, the brain asks for another dose. After the first dose, it may be easier to quit with just a little dedication and persistence. After a couple of doses, it gets harder and harder to achieve this.

When someone tries to quit, they instantly get the feeling as they must get another shot or something bad will happen. This feeling is completely pushing aside everything else, from thirst to hunger. Until the addict injects another dose, the body and the mind won’t ask for anything else. Learn more about heroin addiction on this link.

This is why heroin addiction is so bad. It turns people into complete zombies asking for another fix. The effects of the dose stop after six to 12 hours. After this, your body will ask for more. If you don’t give it to it right away, it will slowly start showing the signs that ask more and more.

The symptoms of the withdrawal from injecting more heroin can be different but they pick at around 3 days after not taking any more. They can be different, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea, bone pain, muscle soreness, sweating, anxiety, depression, and aggression, all these things might be part of the symptoms.

They will start decreasing after a month or so. It all depends on how severe the problem is, but for most patients going to rehab, this is the turning point.

Withdrawal should be monitored by professionals

Doctors and professionals should monitor the progression of patients’ attempts to completely quit taking more heroin. If a sudden quit is attempted, the person may end fatally. There are lots of cases in which drug addicts on heroin end up dead because they couldn’t get another dose.

However, with the right medication and treatment, this is possible. Drug addicts should spend more than two months in the hospital to fully recover from heroin addiction. Some patients claim that their minds and body keep asking for the drug even years after they were completely sober.

That’s why everyone should take this problem seriously and get a deeper and more serious approach. Asking for help and understanding that there’s a serious problem should be the first step. Letting your family and friends help you is crucial if you want to successfully recover.

Understand that this isn’t possible to be done alone. No one has ever managed to just lock themselves in an empty room and wait for the crisis to be over. People hurt themselves because of the unbearable pain and that’s why detox in a healthy environment is the only way to do it.


Heroin addiction is one of the scariest problems that a person may face in the field of addictions. Everything else can be approached with sanity and goodwill, but the heroin problem goes much deeper than anything else out there.

It’s a terrible drug that takes thousands of lives every year. See more about this here: Struggling with it is not easy and everyone should join forces to take these poor people out of it.