When my son went to catch the football at a recent game, he was tackled hard by a few players from the other team. I have seen him get hit this way many times before, but the padding on his uniform plus the fitness of his own body has always protected him. He did not get up from the ground quickly this time though, so I knew that there was a problem. He did not play the rest of the game, but he seemed in good spirits. I figured that chiropractors in San Jose was going to be in our future because if it was a more serious injury he would have already been taken to the hospital.

I had been to San Jose Chiropractic myself after a car accident several years ago, and I knew that they would treat my son just as good as they had treated me. I went in having a lot of pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck, and they had me feeling even better than before within a matter of weeks. I called the next day and explained what had happened, and they actually fit him into their already busy schedule for that same day.

That is another reason I wanted to use them. They treat their patients as real people rather than just a patient they only see now and again. My son and the chiropractor talked the entire time of the examination and first adjustment, and the doctor said that we would have him back on the field by the next game if he wanted to do that. He had three adjustments that week, and he told me that even though his back was feeling better, he wanted to continue to see the chiropractor on a regular basis. He said that not only did he fix the pain that he was having from that hard tackle, but he just felt better overall and did not want to lose that feeling.