Talking about the Maldives, surely the first thing in your mind is the stretch of beach sand, the beauty of the sea and the seaside resorts that will surely make you forget the daily work routine, for example, you can stay at fairmont maldives.

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi is more than just your hideaway. Tucked within the Shaviyani Atoll, our “secret water island” as dubbed by the locals glistens like a pearl. White sand beach poster fringed with swaying palms is kissed by the turquoise waters of the 600-hectare lagoon that gives way to the tranquil blues of the Indian Ocean and a never-ending horizon. 

As a country whose main transportation is speedboat and seaplane, of course, you can imagine that most of the tourist attractions in the Maldives are beach sports, such as snorkeling and diving.

But many things can be done if you don’t like water sports. Here are 5 Exciting Activities While on Vacation to the Maldives, besides relaxing on the beach, you can do anything fun.

1. Going around the island by bicycle

If you stay overnight on Maldives island, usually the hotel provides bicycles for rent. Some even provide it for free. It must be really exciting right!

2. Travel to Jumhooree Maidhaan

When you go to the Maldives don’t miss Male Island, which is the capital of Maldives. One of the places that must be visited is Jumhooree Maidhaan or Male town square. Take a picture with the giant flag of the Maldives is a must. There are a lot of pigeons but you can’t feed them.

3. Wall hunting, taking pictures with colorful houses typical of the Maldivian

For you who like to take pictures in good spots, it is perfect for you. Mostly, on the Maafushi island have a similar shape, but painted differently with bright colors.

4. Visit the National Museum

Almost every country must have a National Museum. The museum contains the history of the country. Of course, when you are traveling, not only the picture that you get but also new knowledge.

5. Hang out with locals

Maldivian is known for being friendly. It doesn’t matter for you to talk over and share stories with them. It’s fun to know the culture of a country from the perspective of its local citizens. Also, you can visit the local market where the activities of residents are centered.

Those are some alternative activities that you can try when traveling to the Maldives. Let’s go on vacation there!