One of the most precious for every family is children. Strong relationships and happy parents are the keystone for society. The most valued benefits from the new technologies are already in the ADONIS clinic. With the help of our newest Surrogacy Programs, we are happy to make your life brighter. Your dream about a baby is no longer just a wish!

If you are in doubt, we are ready to show you the main advantages of Surrogacy. Just some of them:

  • Genetic connection – the baby is genetically related with the intended parents; in case of using donated eggs or sperm during the surrogacy infertility treatment, the main requirement is the genetic connection with at least one of the intended parents. Your procreation is ensured; your genetic relation is strong!  
  • Involvement at every stage – communication with the surrogate mother, awareness and constant support, ADONIS care about the intended parents’ closeness to the process; we create not only genetic but mental connection between the baby and parents from the very beginning
  • Innovative treatment for infertile families the perfect advanced solution for the families which have problems with fertility; the surrogacy treatment in ADONIS and the childbirth will bring new happy experience to your family
  • Comprehensive protection – strictly considered plan of treatment, ADONIS legal support with arrangements and the whole process, the legit side of the surrogacy system in Ukraine ensures the total protection for the intended parents; this is a highly streamlined process and ADONIS will be nearby to help you navigate in it
  • Ideally selected surrogate mothers – wide list of conditions is respected when the surrogate is included in the ADONIS own donor base; to find the surrogate mother in Ukraine is the matter of our agency, you can be totally sure about every candidate

The ADONIS qualification level of top class is your way to a happy future. The advantages of Surrogacy are undeniable, especially together with ADONIS offers for the most reasonable prices.

Surrogate mother Ukraine

The new Surrogacy + ED guarantee program; Surrogacy offers a “fresh” of thawed embryo transfer; Surrogacy + Sperm and/or Egg Donation, all possible variations for our clients (more detailed information you will find on ADONIS).

Limitless international opportunities

The whole world is open to cooperation. Despite the fact of pandemic conditionality, ADONIS Ukraine continues to take further receiving the clients from the whole world. The office in USA Colorado Springs was established for our numerous american clients to help with the program start and to go through all difficulties. The personal coordinator here, in Ukraine, is your personal assistant in every aspect.

Moreover, ADONIS can receive your genetic material from another clinic (including international one) to work with during the Surrogacy treatment – the special proposals are provided.

The best place for bringing new life

ADONISown Maternity Hospitals is the place for your baby’s comfort and safety. The best specialists, equipment and care is included. The surrogate mother, newborn baby and parents are surrounded with the most pleasant atmosphere to experience the best moments of life.

ADONIS ensures compliance to all hygienic conditions in every part of the medical facilities. Because ADONIS clients’ life and health are the value, particularly at a very special time.

Respectful parents and loved babies – is one of the examples of a happy family. Choose the ADONIS care and treatment and change your future with Surrogacy!