Staying Clean Not Green With The Jerry G Methods
Staying Clean Not Green With The Jerry G Methods

If you’ve arrived on this page then chances are high (no pun intended) that you are looking for a quick remedy to pass a drug test. Yes, even in this day and age when so many countries around the world, and states within America have completely legalized marijuana, people are still being subjected to hair drug analysis.

Whether you are a light occasional user or a heavy pot smoker sadly the chances are that you may very well come up against a drug test, particularly if you are a serious pro athlete or in a career that is contracted to a federal agency. So, what are your options?

How to Pass a Drug Test: The Methods

There are several different methods that will come up if you’re searching for ways in which you can bet a drug test. If you’re lucky you’ll stumble across sites like which can give you some of the ins and outs around different products and methodology. Many fall under the umbrella term of ‘detoxification’, although generally you are looking at different ways of getting to the end result – a clean system, devoid of any trace of marijuana.

The two main methods that you are likely to see most often are the “Jerry G Method” and “The Macujo Method”.

Both are quite similar in concept – you need to clean your hair to remove the toxins.

However, they both use slightly different products and methods. You will find successful reviews on both methods, and you will find people who have still failed the drug test after following one or the other of these methods. Often when it is discussed those that have failed a test have discovered that they have missed a step, haven’t repeated the process enough, were still exposing themselves to pot, or have invested in a cheap knock off product.

While the Macujo Method uses a vinegar soak, clean and clear then a specific Aloe Rid shampoo, and often laundry detergent. One of the advantages to using the Macujo Method is that it is reputed to be able to strip your hair in a weekend. However, although the Jerry G Method generally takes 10 days, many people find the ingredients easier to obtain and the process easier to cope with.

Whatever method you use, the first step is always going to be stop using pot. Unfortunately, what a lot of sites don’t mention is how easy it is to recoat your hair in old cannabis residue. So, add in an extra step – strip your bed and wash all your bedding – particularly your pillowcases (and pillows if you can). If you wear hoodies, caps or hats you will want to wash these well as well. A hot wash and drying in the sunlight will help. Basically, anything that comes into contact with your hair needs to be squeaky clean and completely free of pot residue otherwise you run the risk of constantly re-contaminating yourself, even if you don’t go near a joint (for tips of removing pot smoke click here).

Remember also that it’s not just pot smoke, you can’t vape either, or consume edibles, pot is detectable in your hair because it gets into your blood stream – and blood feeds your scalp, your skin and the growth of your hair follicles.

What Is The Jerry G Method?

This takes 10 days to work because you need to dye your hair with an ammonia-based bleach dye. Generally, most people think they are looking for a really blonde, blonde hair dye, but if you look, you’ll also find many of the permanent hair colors easily available from your hairdresser or supermarket contain an ammonia base. If you pick one that is pretty close to your current color, you might not even raise suspicion. Or go fluro pink – it really is up to you, as long as you pick a permanent (not rinse or ‘wash out’) color, that is ammonia based you’re good to go.

Next step is to use a toxin wash shampoo. Then it’s just a matter of waiting 10 days before you can dye your hair again.

A Note On Hair Colors

Although most people will pick two colors the same, if you decided to use the opportunity to make a dramatic change, you might want to talk to a few people who know about hair dye. As a general rule a dramatic change like going from black to white blonde is really not going to work – hello green. However, going from black to light brown to blonde might yield better results. It’s not particularly important for passing a drug test, but if your career requires a certain look or presence you might to try and avoid drawing attention to yourself by accidentally going a really strange color when you were just after some interesting highlights.

Once you’ve hit the ten day mark, get your bottle of hair dye out and repeat the process. Wet, dye, rinse and then wash again with a toxin wash shampoo.

The next step is, ideally on the day of your test, to create a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water together and then massaging the paste into your hair and scalp. Leave it for a few minutes before washing out with the toxin wash shampoo again. Why baking soda? Chemically it is often used to mask odors and as a natural household cleaner. It’s used in shake’n’vac to deodorize, but it also has a slightly bleaching effect on carpet, lifting dirt and revitalizing the carpet – so it’s probably not too surprising to expect similar results if used on your hair (you can also use it as a substitute for toothpaste to get whiter teeth).

The final step in the Jerry G Method is to use an ultra clean shampoo. Then dry and style as normal.

Does It Work?

Jerry is a bit of a legend, but there are a lot of reports from other people saying that they have had success with this method. Of course, one of the problems with getting verified proof is that part of the reason people are actually doing the Jerry G Method is to hide their drug use – coming out and declaring publicly that this is how they bet the test at work isn’t in anyone’s best interest. However, just follow the instructions, and make sure you stay clean for a bit.