Female head lice can lay up to 6 eggs a day and they can be easily transferred from one person to another. No wonder most parents panic when they suspect that their child has head lice. One louse can easily wreak havoc in a household if not treated properly.

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Next time you have lice scare, no need to go into panic mode. This article will expose to you steps you should take to get your home lice free again.

If you notice your child itching their hair nonstop, the first thing you should do isn’t call pest control, but gently check for lice. Sometimes, the lice can be big enough and will be seen by just looking into the hair. If you can see the lice or their eggs, it is time to get pediculicides. They are available over the counter and you can find them in creams, shampoo, or lotions. There are some that are more effective than others, and you need to go for a pediculicide that will kill both live lice and their eggs, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted.

After you have gotten the right pediculicide, you should:

  • Comb out your child’s hair when dry with a lice comb. Do this while wearing gloves and your hair safely wrapped.
  • Apply the shampoo to the hair. Do this over the sink or bathtub while fully clothed. Wait for a few minutes as stipulated on the product packaging before you rinse it off.
  • You might have to repeat this after a week to make sure that any lice or egg left will be killed.

If you do not want to apply chemicals to your child’s hair, you can follow the procedures below:

  • Pour water on the hair, and comb with the lice comb over a sink or bathtub. Comb for up to 20 minutes and watch as lice fall off. This is not a one-time solution; you will have to do it every week until the infestation is gone.
  • You can also suffocate the lice by applying a lot of greasy substances like petroleum jelly, or mayonnaise to your hair. Wrapping it up with a shower cap and going to bed. By morning the lice might be dead and you only have to rinse it off.

After Taking lice off your child’s hair, remember to treat your home and linens too. Lice can live for up to 24 hours on clothes and beddings. It will be of no use for you to spend time disinfecting only to go to bed and get re-infected. Having lice has nothing to do with being dirty, as long as you go to public places, you can catch them easily.  If you have children, get ready to fight lice from time to time.