Medical Marijuana is a soft drug that has been used for thousands of years. It’s a drug affecting different people differently. There is no evidence that Marijuana causes physical dependency like other drugs; that’s why it has been considered legal. 

Components of Medical Marijuana

There are 400 components present in the medical Marijuana, and out of 400 hundred, 70 are cannabinoids, meaning they deliver some benefits to humans in any way. There are two primary compounds present in Marijuana that have healing effects: THC and CBD. Out of these, THC mostly has adverse effects, and it’s more likely to get  you high, whereas medical Marijuana mostly has THC.

Recreational Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

People often confuse both types of Marijuana. Both are two different things. Medical Marijuana is used to treat legitimate medical conditions like seizures, and other diseases wile recreational Marijuana is solely used to get high. Still, there is a high risk of abusing such drugs. For this reason, search out the internet and click on the medical marijuana doctors near me to have a clear idea about its use and abuse.

Effect on lungs

 To your surprise, a study conducted 20 years ago found out that Marijuana has no side effects on the lungs. Both tobacco and medical Marijuana were tested; tobacco showed tremendous results while Marijuana showed no such results. While it was found that it does irritate the lining of the lungs and causes increased mucus and chronic cough (a cough that lasts longer than eight weeks).

Treats severe seizures

Medical Marijuana brings a sudden decrease in severe seizures. People suffering from Dravet syndrome are known to have the most uncontrolled seizures. There are no proper  medicines for treating it. The CBD present in Marijuana is the best cure for treating such seizures, and until now, there has been no research on this, but many doctors have proved this to be true. It was first tested on a child who was reported to have three seizure attacks in an hour, and she stopped having attacks after taking medical Marijuana, which was abundant in the CBD, so from here, it is believed that it does miracles to such seizure attacks.

Develops Tolerance

People taking medical Marijuana establish more tolerance than the people who don’t, meaning they would have to take more drugs to treat disease because they have become very tolerant or resistant to drugs. 

Sudden panic attacks

A lot of times, medical Marijuana is considered relaxing, but studies show that when taken in excess, it causes panic attacks. It provides relief from severe anxiety for a short period.

Effects on autism

Autism is a disease related to neurodevelopment, resulting in weak social interactions. Medical Marijuana works magic for people with autism. Autistic kids usually deal with the level of anxiety they can’t control, and medical Marijuana helps reduce these emotional issues.

 Effect on Spasticity:

It is a condition where your muscles tend to contract continuously. So, whenever any movements are made, they appear to be stiff. Medical Marijuana helps to cure that stiffness.

Treats overactive bladder symptoms

It is something that urges you to urinate right after you leave the bathroom, followed by intense bladder cramps. So, by using medical Marijuana, one doesn’t only get rid of such pains, but also from all other overactive bladder symptoms.

Besides these unseen effects of Medical Marijuana, many states have still not been legalized because they can be dared to be abused by people of all age groups.