Getting fitter for lazy people

When you are being honest with yourself, you already know it: you are a bit lazy. It is not that you do not want to do nice things with your kids or friends, but you just do not have the energy. You have gained several pounds the last couple of years and you do not really feel the need to get healthier, though you do know that it is necessary. You wish there was a way to get healthier easily, without any effort. Well, luckily there is.

No diet

Stop with dieting, shakes and pills. You have tried so many in the past and they all had one thing in common: you gained even more pounds. Just change a couple of simple things in your regular eating pattern. For example, you love juices! So you do not want to give that up. However, you cán change the amount of juices that you drink a day and just take one. The rest of the day you drink water with fresh fruit in it, or tea, or coffee. With all these options, there are lots to choose from.

Make it easy for yourself

In addition, do not deny yourself anything. Just eat less sugar. Do not eat a full pack of cookies, but just one. Or two if you really, really need it, but it has to be a reward for something that you did. Do not just eat randomly and make sure you promise yourself that you can have one cookie or a (small) snack a day. If you like to snack in front of the TV (and you are not the only one) then snack nuts or fruit, or take a healthy sandwich or some yogurt without sugar.

Dance, walk and play

Instead of doing sports, you can also dance whenever you can. Dance in the living room, under the shower, on the toilet or behind your desk. You can even dance in bed. Walk your dog a little longer every day and play tag with your kids (that is a really good work-out!). Play Just Dance or jump on the trampoline.

Keep track of your weight

So, you have a hard time losing weight, but you can make sure you do not gain any more weight. Buy a smart body analysis scale in order to find out your amount of fat and the state of your muscles. Or who knows, maybe you like this moving around so much that you become a professional sportsman. In that case a medical scale would suit you better. Enjoy your new life! 

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