With a legal paternity test, the DNA of the alleged father is often compared to the DNA of the child. A paternity test always gives more clarity on the important question of whether you are the father. This can be of great importance to many people, especially if there might be another father involved. Previously, you had to go to a special examination centre to check whether you are the father or not. Nowadays, this is no longer the case and this test can be done at home. You can easily order these tests on the internet, but of course you can also use them. But how does a legal paternity test work? In this article, we will discuss this in detail, so that you can find out more.

How does a legal paternity test work?

A paternity test only determines whether you are the father or not. This test is of course great for clarity, but you cannot use it for other legal matters. A legally valid paternity test can be used for these things, but must be taken differently. The peace of mind test can be taken by anyone, while this is different with the legal paternity test. The DNA-material has to be taken by an independent third person. In principle, this can be a family doctor or a nurse. This person has to follow a specific procedure when taking the samples, so the judge can assume that the DNA sample is correct.

The legal paternity test, just like the peace of mind test, can be ordered on the internet. This will be delivered to your home, and then you can start recording the DNA. The result of the legal paternity test will also be delivered to your home in an anonymous letter. It is wise to contact your lawyer first before having a legally valid test done.

Home male fertility test

There are also other tests that you can take at home and order online. Many men are not sure if they are fertile. This can be very annoying when you are trying to have a child. You can clarify this with a home male fertility test. In this way, a lab tests whether there are enough active sperm cells. With this test, you will know for sure whether you are fertile or not. The result is always sent to you in an anonymous letter. You can order many of these tests on the internet, but you need to find a reliable provider.